Remember When, Part I, Reminiscing by John Prokop

I especially enjoy reading the section in the newsletter Do You Remember. It makes me recall many fond memories and good times past. Sometimes I chuckle when I think back to those days at SCS and remember something like when they gave out tickets for not following rules and if you got one you had to stand in front of the statue of Saint Casimir holding a BLACK STAR with your room number on it at dismissal time. I remember that marching music they played when we all marched out and how sorry I felt for those kids who had to stand there holding black stars in their hands.

I remember recess time drinking milk (your choice white or chocolate) and eating potato chips or pretzels. During Lent we could only drink white milk and no snacks were offered or sold. We were expected to give that money to save the pagan babies.

I remember Monsignor Radecki and how we always had a special program on March 4th to celebrate Saint Casimir's Feast Day. After attending morning mass we had a program for him in the church hall and If he was pleased with it he gave us the rest of the day off.

I remember when they tore down the old convent and built the new one. The convent wasn't a place you ever really visited but I did go when they had open house when the new convent opened. Later on I remember the nuns walking in the summer down the streets of the neighborhood when the weather was nice. 

I remember when they tore down the old church hall and when the building was left in large pile of ruble, everyone went to take the bricks home that weren't damaged to use in their yards for garden borders. I remember standing along side so many neighbors picking out the best bricks to bring home in wagons. The old hall is still fresh in my mind attending Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and Explorer meetings. I remember attending Socials (Bingo), dances (hearing and seeing Cleveland's own Ray Budzilek the Polka King), wedding receptions, and other activities/festivals. I especially remember my Altar Boy Latin Classes with Sister Mary Josephata in her old classroom. Everyone feared her notorious "Licorice Stick" and Sister Mary Purisima had her "red paddle". Discipline wasn't much of a problem back then. A note home from the Sister or the Visiting School Nurse for your parents to see, sign and return was every student's worse fear.

I remember paper drives, rag drives, and the Universe Bulletin drives. I remember playing on the school grounds before school started after lunch with girls jumping rope and boys playing ball. I remember the school crossing guards and penny candies at Dibby's and that candy store on Sowinski across from the rectory.

I remember our beautiful church with the altar I thought was right from the Vatican. I remember lighting almost a thousand vigil lights for everything I ever wanted or needed, and for every sick person I ever knew, and for every intention that prayers that vigil lights were used for. I remember the weddings, funerals, high masses, Baptisms, Communions, Confirmations, Feast days, Easters, Christmases, the Processions, May Crownings, and I can still hear our choir singing for these celebrations and Monsignor Radecki singing Maryio after every mass in May. Mary Pawlak was the best organist I remember hearing play and sing in our church. I was so sure I was going to be a priest back then because I served at so many masses and church events and then I reached puberty.  Needless to say that event caused some major changes in plans.

I hope I didn't ramble on too much. Maybe you can use this in your newsletter. The cliché "time passes much too quickly" is just so true.